Sophie Shaw

Treatments/What we find


In spring 2019 I found a box of glass plate negatives in an antique shop in West London and brought them so I could get to know them better. They have a Germanic feel and appeared to have been taken in or around the 1930s (which immediately placed how I saw them against a very specific historic backdrop). I began to investigate, and compiled them into a document which combines what I have observed with what I have discovered and is updated regularly as new information comes to light. This WIP is published on tumblr and  I gave a petcha kutcha talk on this project at the De La Warr Pavilion. A complimentary project to Treatments/What we bring.

Interior, down stairs, 2019

Oil on reclaimed board 455x565mm

Exterior, barn, 2019

Oil on reclaimed board

460 x 570mm

Exterior, sun lounger, 2019

Oil on reclaimed board

435 x 580mm

Treatments/What we bring


A complimentary series to Treatments/What we find, these works take the images from the glass plate negatives as a skeleton frame for otherwise imagined oil paintings. I projected from the plates onto blue ground and bluntly traced the monochrome image using a single inky tone and a palate knife before finishing the paintings intuitively. Introducing heightened or unnatural colour seems to have highlighted the feelings the images inspired in me by virtue of their likely context - both in the push of anxiety and the pull of domesticity and nostalgia.

© Sophie Shaw, 2018

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